Dynamic Electrical Solutions

We Make Your Goals Ours

William (Bill) Heller, is the proud owner and operator of Dynamic Electrical Solutions Inc.  He has a long history in the electrical field 

ranging from fixing small electric radios as a kid, to working on  

US. Naval ship control modules. He has learned and honed his skills 

at electrical troubleshooting, and installation from years of naval 

schooling, college, and Boces as well as many years working with 

and for the best electricians in the country. No job is to big or too small he can and will do anything to make you happy. 

Kathryn Heller is the Chief business officer for Dynamic Electrical Solutions. She is responsible for the administrative, financial, and operations management of Dynamic Electrical Solutions. She has had the privilege of working for multi million dollar companies and takes pride and enjoys what she does and is here to schedule for anything you may need. 

Levi Steff is an electrical apprentice for Dynamic Electrical Solutions furthering his knowledge which includes.  

Graduating from Erie community college in 2011 with a degree in science-liberal arts. Then spending many years working with natural gas, doing installations of pipe lines, main shut offs, and primary conversions. 

Hes been to North Dakota where he has worked in the oil fields installing pipelines, tank batteries, containment walls, and pump base pads.

Levi is a outgoing individual and very excited about the potential of learning a new trade and perfecting his methods.